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Kalashnikov light machine-gun properly weight-sized dummy (ММG RPK)


Semi-auto hunting shotgun "Vepr-12 Molot"

     The "Vepr-12 Molot" shotguns are made on the basis of the Kalashnikov light machine-gun, produced for the shells of 12/76 gauge and are highly reliable and faultless during the work in different service conditions.

Semi-auto hunting shotgun Vepr-12 Molot
"Vepr-12 Molot"

     "Vepr - 12 Molot" is a multi-purpose semi-auto hunting shotgun destined for hunt, sporting events, and self-defense and use as an office arm as well.
    From other versions it differs with an available detachable flame arrester installed on the barrel muzzle part and with a mechanism blocking the trigger and eliminating from the possibility of shooting, when the stock is folded up.

Vepr-12 Molot ver. 01
"Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 01

     The shotgun "Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 01 is a modification of the shotgun "Vepr-12 Molot" and differs with a barrel lengthened up to 520mm, fixed flame arrester, possibility of shooting, when the stock is folded.

Vepr-12 Molot ver. 02
"Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 02

     The shotgun "Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 02 is a modification of the shotgun "Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 01 and differs with a barrel lengthened up to 680mm and an available basis inside the barrel muzzle part destined for installing the internal muzzle nozzles unified with the shotguns of "Becas" and "Becas-auto" series.
     The automatic reloading of the shotgun is executed by use of the energy of powder gases moved out off the bore into the gas chamber and by means of the return spring. The bore is locked by turn of the bolt round i ts axle by two main rests during the lengthwise movement of the bolt carrier.
     The hammer-type firing mechanism provides shooting by single shots and saving the gun. There is a double-sided flag-type safety device with two levers located on the right side of the receiver and a lever placed from its left side. For easy attachment of the magazine to the gun the latter one is equipped with a feeder.
     For increasing the rust-proof quality bore and chamber, receiver shaft and gas chamber are chrome-lined.
     The outer sighting devices consist of a sight leaf with a deflection correcting mechanism, which is adjustable in two directions of the front sight installed in basis joined with the gas chamber.
     The gas chamber lower part is made like the Weaver rail for the installation of a tactical light or a laser target designator.
     The shotgun has an automatic bolt break.

Performance attributes

  "Vepr-12 Molot" "Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 01 "Vepr-12 Molot" ver. 02
Gauge 12
Used shell 12х76
Chamber length, mm 76
Magazine capacity, qty. of rounds 8
Sighting range, m, up to 100
Overall dimensions, mm, at most
Length 1057 1147 1307
Width 75 75 75
Height 290 290 290
Overall dimensions with the folded-up stock, mm, at most
Length 725 815 975
Width 204 104 104
Height 290 290 290
Barrel length, mm, at most 430 520 680
Shotgun weight, kg, at most 3,9 4,0 4,2


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